Come to Little Learners Quality PreSchool & Childcare, when you are looking for a child care center near the Lancaster, CA area.

At Little Learners Quality PreSchool & Childcare, we are dedicated to providing the stepping stones to make a smooth transition into kindergarten.


We offer fun and engaging activities to help your child develop academically, socially and physically. We have a trained staff on hand who are dedicated to providing quality care. To learn more, we invite you to come by and check us out today.



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Little Learners Quality PreSchool & Childcare is the best place to bring your child for an after-school program in the Lancaster, CA area if you are looking for the best child care center in the area. We have the best establishment to ensure that your child is comfortable. We have a broad range of tailored after school program schedules which involve excursions and many other activities. You can be sure that we provide the best care, as well as a safe, reliable and stimulating environment to ensure that your child is in the best place. We also have qualified professionals who provide many services for your child's growth and enjoyment. 

Little Learners Quality PreSchool & Childcare is the right place to bring your child as it is more than just a child care center. We are conveniently located, and we provide a homelike environment to ensure that the children are able to relax while they play and make discoveries. Our team of professionals is qualified and very warm, making it easy for your child to cope in another home far away from home. We invest in quality care and you can be certain that your child will be given nutritious meals, and they will also be able to learn new skills from the enriching and creative activities.

Our professionals will carefully observe your child. We go the extra mile to collaborate with parents in order to determine the individual needs of their children. We work with children of various ages; from nursery to 5-year olds. They are grouped for sustainability, and to ensure ease of care with age-appropriate resources and experiences. We encourage the children from nursery to develop autonomy, while we monitor and empower them to develop skills which set the foundation for further learning. We are the best professionals in Lancaster, CA area. Moreover, we have extended our services to other areas like Quartz Hill, Rosamond, Palmdale, and Acton as well.

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